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A final post

Wed Nov 11, 2015, 9:20 PM

Seeing as my membership is set to end on November 12th for the first time in several years, I figured it was time to write my final journal here on dA.

I really don't have much to say other than if you're still wondering if I draw and where you can find me, you can check out any of the links above!

If you're wondering why I'm writing a final post, you can check out this journal and this journal for some explanations.

Well, that's it; the end to my artistic endeavors on dA. Farewell!

man dA is really making us work for these badges now, tbh I just like collecting tiny pixels so here's a thing that I have to do I guess


1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

My profile says 8 years, but it's really 7. I stopped posting art here last year; I just pop in from time to time to look at art from people who still post on dA and check messages.

2. What does your username mean?

I guess this is as good time as any to tell you the story of how I got my username

One day when I was at my aunt's house back in grade 6 or 7, I was making an account on MSN games to play some flash games and shit grade 6 or 7 kids like. I wanted the username "Zephyr" or "Quicksilver" or something like that but it was obviously taken already so MSN generated a bunch of random usernames for me. One of those usernames happened to be FallenZephyr and to this day I still use it basically everywhere

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Fantastical. That's the only word you need to know

4. Are you left or right handed?

Right handed, although I really should train myself to be ambidextrous

5. What was your first deviation?

...I've put everything into storage sooooooo you're shit outta luck there but I do have this beautiful gem uploaded on my art blog

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

I dunno? I'd say digital and traditional are equally as fantastic because I enjoy both

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Photography or 2D animation

8. What was your first favourite?

Punch for a Punch 2.0 by CallistoHime

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Fantasy works, mostly!

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

It's pretty unfair to say who's my absolute favourite, but here's a short list off the top of my head: neondragon, Shinerai, azirae (on Tumblr), NukeRooster, Dae-Thalin, glitchedpuppet, sandara, Cryptid-Creations, Exileden, hibbary, balaa, Skysealer

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

My waifu, creamedcoffee c: (InkedBananas here on dA)

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Basically? I have a waifu for laifu now in creamedcoffee and a handful of other friends I talk to on a regular basis so that's one of the few pluses I got from this site

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

For my digital works I usually use Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (small), though for some of my animations I also use After Effects CS6.

For my traditional works I use a variety of mediums, most commonly:
  • Shinhan Touch Twin Brush Markers (copics)
  • Pigma Micron 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 1, BR
  • White gel pen
  • Strathmore 400 Bristol board, smooth and vellum finish
  • Moleskine Plain Notebook (3.5 x 5.5 in), for inking

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My desk. In my room. That's where the magic happens baby

15. vWhat is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

To be very, very honest, my favourite dA memory is when I decided to not post art here anymore last year in July and when I realized that I just didn't care about favs, watchers, or whatever anymore. I decided that focusing on my art and my growth as an artist was more important; all the drama, harassment, and art theft surrounding my works really wore me thin. At that point I knew my time as an artist on dA was done. You guys have no idea how liberating it is to no longer have to deal with people constantly telling you, "this [character] looks like [character]!" and "you drew [character] wrong! you should draw [character] like [artist]!!" and "draw me something for free!!! I don't want to pay you!!!" and "[several nasty derogatory terms for no reason]!!!"

If you're curious to see where I've gone with my art since leaving last year in July, I've continued my artistic endeavours on Tumblr:

First things first: Yes, I'm still gone. I don't post art here anymore, and never will again. I only log onto dA to check messages, notes, and posts from other artists.

Ooof. I logged into dA yesterday to check my messages and all I can say is... holy shit, what happened? This whole "core" thing came out of nowhere and the backlash dA is receiving is greater then ever, especially since many people are still very, very bitter about the last article about "art theft" dA posted a while ago.

I know I won't be renewing my "core" membership (is that what it's called now?) and I double checked to make sure that rebilling was turned off so I don't get dinged later (honestly, everyone should check their rebilling settings just in case), even going as far as removing my billing address so that there's absolutely no way I'll get some random charge from dA in the future. A price increase that nearly doubles the price of membership with no increase in perks? No thanks. Don't even get me started on how garish the new icons look beside everyone's names, but luckily there's a few alternatives that will get rid of those orange abominations:… - A stylish script that reverts all symbols to the "classic" symbols (requires stylish)

How to Remove that GHASTLY Orange 'Core' TagDeviantArt seems to be raising the price of premium membership, and are now renaming it to what I'm sure they were hoping would be indicative of their pseudo-edgy brand, but in reality, is just confusing the hell out of people. We all know what premium membership is. But core? Sounds extreme! Do we all get skateboards, pogs, and a complimentary Pennywise album bundled with it?
Christ I'm old.
Now, I don't have a problem with dA changing their prices. Inflation is a real thing, and a business has to do what it must to stay afloat. What astounds me, though, they're making such a big deal out of it. Aren't you supposed to not have some big front-page celebration of raising prices? Aren't you just supposed to sneak it in, not say a word, and hope nobody really notices? And if people do raise a fuss, make some business-ey statement about "operating costs" and "economic trends" in some big-worded pile of lip service to quell the peasant folk?
And not only are they making a big deal out of it
- A journal detailing how to use AdBlock to remove all the "core" symbols (requires AdBlock)

Speaking of alternatives! I recently discovered a site called Ello that's sort of a combination of Tumblr and Facebook without severe image compression and no ads. If you're thinking of leaving dA because of recent events or any combination thereof, Ello looks like a great alternative, especially if you're not keen on other social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, pixiv, Instagram, etc. The interface is minimalistic and easy on the eyes, with a focus on the content rather than the styling/themes of profiles. I myself just joined and am in the process of uploading my works to Ello, all of which have never graced this site.

I'm also FallenZephyr on Ello as well, feel free to check it out and see if Ello is a good fit for you!

I figured I should make the most of my fancy journal posting capabilities before my account reverts back to a regular member and let people know that dA is not the only art site out there. And by the looks of things, it looks like dA is really struggling to keep afloat and keeping a hold of its members. I've noticed a sharp decline in activity on dA which could be due to many factors, but honestly I think it's because dA is no longer as engaging as it was 5 or so years ago and people are leaving, seeking alternatives like Tumblr and Twitter. Artists continue to improve, and yet they get less views and favs than before. Art theft runs rampant and dA hardly lifts a finger to fix it. And now premium membership has changed to "core" membership along with a huge hike in membership prices and ugly design changes, all without any prior notice from dA.

If that's not an indication of a site struggling, then I don't know what is.

Username change

Thu Apr 30, 2015, 6:22 PM

I changed my username to reflect my "official" online handle as "FallenZephyr Art" (or all the words together as FallenZephyrArt) instead of just "FallenZephyr"! I've found people are more likely to search either username if I have it as FallenZephyrArt so yeah

My other reason for changing my username was because I don't want anyone to claim "FallenZephyrArt" on deviantART and impersonate me, so searching for either username will result in being taken to this page.

yeah that's pretty much it

Why I left dA: Unanswered Questions

Fri Sep 26, 2014, 11:59 PM

Don't get too excited over this journal, I'm still done with dA as an artist. I'm not coming back; I'm only here to protect my work from potential art thieves, to answer questions about things people may have, and to follow other artists who are still ok with using dA.

So I mentioned in my last journal that I'm never going to post anything art-wise on my account ever again but I only kind of half explained why I took down literally 99% of my gallery after 7 years, which I'll explain in an FAQ style to make things super clear for people.

Important questions first: why did you leave dA? Was it really that bad?

To put it bluntly, yes. dA is that bad. Well, years ago when I joined the site it was just starting to get popular and was renowned as a fantastic artsy fartsy place to be, where all the hip artists would post their fantastical pieces and show them off to the world. Now, dA is like a rotting cesspool to me, for several reasons.

You have to understand that before groups were introduced years before, my art would actually get views, comments, and favs; more than AFTER groups were implemented, actually. Over the past year or so I would have to submit my work to literally 40+ groups to get the kind of acknowledgement I received years ago. What gives? My general understanding of anatomy, colour theory, and many other artistic elements are so much better now than they were years ago, yet I still struggled to get views, comments, or favs unless it was something "popular" like fanart. My theory is that everyone just joins groups to submit their work, but hardly anyone actually looks at those submissions unless they were absolutely CRAZY about looking at the hundreds of deviations submitted to every group they watched. It's really difficult to have your work noticed unless you're an amazing or well-known artist, exclusively draw fanart, submit your work to hundreds upon hundred of groups, or have a huge fanbase (even if your work is mediocre; I've seen this many times). I'm sure there's a few more reasons, but those really stick out to me.

Another reason I left is because of the community, or lack thereof. I just don't feel connected to anyone here anymore; most of my good friends have abandoned dA in pursuit of other sites like Tumblr because of the toxic nature of users on this site. Do you know how many spam comments I used to receive every week? Too many. Do you know how many nasty comments I received every week for no reason at all? Too many. Do you know how many notes I received from people begging for free art from me because they felt entitled to it, and then when I say "no I don't take requests or draw free art, if you want art from me you have to commission me" people get super butthurt about it and call me incredibly degrading names? Too many.

You get the idea.

HOWEVER, the biggest reason for leaving was just the amount of assholery and art theft there is on this site. It's ugly, and the only thing that legitimately works to combat art theft is to file a DMCA notice. dA's "reporting system" doesn't work the way it's supposed to. You know that little "report this deviation" link on every deviation page? Yeah, it doesn't work at all. Same goes for contacting the help desk to make a formal report or complaint. Believe me, I've tried doing both of those MANY times to get my stolen work taken down, but no response until I filed a DMCA notice. I was skeptical about the DMCA notice at first due to the fact that you CAN lose your dA account or be accused for making false reports (and this gets especially iffy when it comes to fanart) but it's worked for me so far and I will continue to do so. I never upload full resolution works on the internet so I can always prove that it was my work that was stolen.

I'm pretty disgusted with how this site is run in regards to art theft. Regular reports don't do shit, only DMCA reports do; that means the report has to be made by the original artist for the stolen work to even be considered taken down. So if you ever see anyone stealing another artist's work, PLEASE notify the original artist and tell them that their art was stolen or being used without their permission!

If dA is as bad as you say it is, why don't you just delete your account and get over it? Why even bother staying?

I'm only staying to support the artists who continue to use dA. It's their own choice whether or not to use the site as much as it's my choice to not upload anything art-related.

The other reason why I still have an account is to have an archive of my art and to protect my work from the likes of art thieves. People do note me from time to time to notify me that my work was used without my permission or stolen, and I need a dA account to be able to file DMCA reports.

But didn't you say in your previous journal and again in this journal that one of the reasons why you left dA is because of the rampant art theft, and because dA did nothing to help you even when you filed multiple reports of art theft?

Truth be told, I actually managed to get every single piece of stolen work taken down since my "leaving dA" announcement back in July. It took a lot of time, but dA eventually did take them down! Of course, the damn thieves only got a warning but if they do it again... they're in deep shit.

Regardless, I'll never return as an artist to this site. No more uploads from me.

Why did you feel it was necessary to take almost your whole gallery down and put it into storage? You should have left everything up so others could enjoy your old works!

I took everything down because I was sick of having my work on dA stolen. Sure, people could steal my work on other sites too but on dA art theft is very rampant, especially when new users think it's ok to reupload everything they see on here because they don't understand that a "gallery" is for their own art, not other peoples'. Usually a few [sadly] nasty comments about their [perhaps unintentional] thievery fixes that, but a lot of new users either ignore the comments or block everyone who tells them that it's wrong. They simply don't care.

Not a lot has been done to deal with art theft on this site efficiently. The only way to have stolen art taken down is for the original artist to file a DMCA report. Thus, I felt it was best to just remove everything as a final way of stating that my tenure as an artist here on dA is done for good and that I'm not going to put up with this bullshit anymore. Of course, there are instances where people will upload my work from other sites I do post my art on, but that tends to be less common than stealing art directly from dA and then reuploading/reposting it to dA. Oh well, I can still file a DMCA report if I need to.

I only left a few works up so people could use them as a resource, really. People found my tutorials and resources helpful and I felt it was fine for me to leave it up; I do enjoy helping people, but those tutorials are pretty much the extent of what I'm willing to help people with.

Do you still upload your art onto other sites since you're not going to post anything else on dA?

Yep, I've fully moved over to Tumblr, actually! Here's where you can find me:

Would you ever consider coming back to dA in the future?

Nope. I'm done. Of course, I'll still be around to support other artists and to protect my work as needed, but I will never upload another piece of art to this site again.

However, I do want to say thank you again to all of my past and present watchers! I learned a lot about myself and how I want to approach being an artist from my time here on dA; that is, fame is not everything. I draw because I enjoy drawing and showing people what I've drawn, and because of that I'm now pursuing a degree in Interactive Arts and Technology (Graphic Design and Programming).

And with that, I say farewell dA! Onto greener pastures!

Leaving dA: Farewell, my friends!

Tue Jul 8, 2014, 2:36 AM

Here's what's been happening lately: I have filed many reports over the past few weeks regarding theft from some of my more popular works (mostly Pokemon fanart) as well as some other reports about official works stolen from big gaming companies like Game Freak and Nintendo that I happened to come across in the same galleries. Not a single one has been addressed, until I got this email today...

"Thank you for contacting deviantART customer service, I will be assisting you with your support ticket today.

We appreciate that you have tried to bring this to our attention however deviantART customer service can only accept claims of infringement which meet the requirements under the law and that means that they must be filed with us by the actual copyright owner of the infringed work or by their legally authorized representative.

Because of this legal requirement it would be best if you could contact and inform the actual copyright owner(s) so that they can file a valid infringement claim with us if they so choose."

What kind of canned bullshit response is that? It was MY work that was stolen; even if it is fanart, I still put the effort into drawing it and it's a fucking insult, honestly. And even if I contacted Game Freak about how their official artwork was being used in an illegal way they wouldn't care; the person is not making any profit, they don't go after small fry. In short, not worth my time.

dA does not care about its users. I'm pretty sure if it was my original work that was stolen and I filed a DCMA report, they wouldn't give a flying fuck about it either.

So, what is one to do? Simple: goodbye, dA. I was actually considering leaving the site earlier and for the past month or so I got closer and closer to making that decision until... bam. This happens. I still have one year or so of premium on my account but who cares when the site is crap anyway?

I cannot to continue to support a site that does not follow its copyright or art theft procedures, which it actually outlines very clearly in its Help Desk articles. Apparently dA takes art theft seriously, but clearly this is not the case.

That's not to say my time on dA was all bad; it's just sad to see how much of a shithole it's become in my several year tenure here. I met some great people on dA who I've become fantastic friends with and followed some amazing artists! I guess I'll still lurk around since I want to continue collecting resources and watching artists I look up to, but I won't be posting anything here any longer. I'm heavily considering storing all of my artwork away except for a few things (like tutorials, memes, resources, etc.) as to prevent further art theft; storage would also allow me to keep my work intact if I ever feel the need to share it again and have a publication date, just so I can deal with any bullshit that life might throw my way and I can prove that it's my work.

Apologies for the long post, but I figured it would be good for people to understand why I'm leaving a site that I have invested a lot of my time in. Once upon a time I cared about the number of pageviews and watchers I would eventually procure in hopes of being a "famous" user, but the fact that I'm willing to throw it all away based on a single act of morality just proves I'm more ready to leave dA. Being an artist is not about being "famous" or "popular", it's about creativity, growth, and self-discovery. It's ok to cheer about and celebrate milestones, like finally earning that 1000th follower! But too many people let it get to their heads and forget why they started to create and share it with others in the first place. I have learned a lot about myself since joining dA, and I realize that I'm a better person now than I was before. Yes, I still get pissed when people steal my work (and rightly so) but isn't it the nature of all artists to defend the fruits of their labour when it's taken from them?

Since I will no longer be linking to my dA account, you might be wondering where I'm going to be posting my artwork now. I can be found mainly at the following places:

I am also in the process of making a Flickr account and will eventually be filling it up with my artwork (new and old) and beginning a budding career in photography. I've been wanting to get into photography since taking my first video/film course and purchasing an entry level DSLR this past semester; I feel it would be a great asset to my current skill set! There's nothing there yet, but you can follow me if you wish! I'll eventually be uploading things there once I get settled in and having figured out how the site works! Flickr looks pretty promising, if you ask me, and it seems they care more about their users than dA ever will.

Thanks for taking the time to read this; I know I have many supporters who will be upset about my decision, but I have thought long and hard about it for several months now. Receiving that email was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Thank you for being such great watchers; I appreciate everything you have done for me and I hope you will continue to do so in the future for other members, as well!

Art styles: YOU are your own artist

Thu Jul 3, 2014, 8:33 PM


  • Commissions: Closed
  • Trades: Closed
  • Art Requests: Closed




  • Commissions: Closed
  • Trades: Closed
  • Art Requests: Closed



So you guys may have heard about my 100 Palette Challenge either on here or on Tumblr and I need to clear up some recurring issues

THIS is the challenge I speak of:

Since I'm seeing a lot of people reuploading this on their dA accounts, let me make this very clear: you are only allowed to share or reblog this by linking back to the ORIGINAL SOURCE in journals, etc.

You are not allowed to repost/reupload this anywhere, dA included! By reposting/reuploading onto your account, you are actually stealing my work and is considered art theft, which is against dA's rules.

This is not one of those memes that you can draw on and upload to your gallery; I put a lot of thought and hard work into making this as a challenge, or a resource for those who simply want a reference for some colour schemes. Please respect an artist's wishes!

I will not hesitate to report people for art theft. I have done it in the past, I have done it in the present, and I will certainly do it in the future! You might say, "Oh, why even bother? It's only a few people doing it! And it's deviantART, everyone steals!"

Yeah, you know what I say to that? I say that the minute a few people get away with reposting and stealing my work, others will start to do it too, thinking that I don't care that people are taking my HARD WORK. I have worked hard to gain the skills that I currently have, and for someone to think that they can simply take my art and use it for personal gain is unacceptable! Art is my passion; I enjoy showing others what I'm capable of, and I enjoy sharing artwork others will appreciate. I have to protect my work because if I don't, then what's the point of having practiced hours upon countless hours doing something I love, only for someone to take it away? This applies to ALL of my work that has been taken, not just this one instance.

Put yourself in my shoes, and I'm sure you would feel the same way.


  • Commissions: Closed
  • Trades: Closed
  • Art Requests: Closed



Just a warning, this journal is probably going to be quite vulgar. I'm fed up with this bullshit.


For the past few weeks I have been dealing with multiple cases of art theft, only ONE of which has been resolved. And guess what? They only removed it after I sent them a message asking them to take it down, not because of dA's shitty deviation reporting system. For all the cases of art theft over the past few weeks, I personally sent a message to each person telling them to remove the stolen work or they would be reported for art theft. Only one person responded and the others didn't even seem to give a shit. Of course I did end up reporting them multiple times and asked for help in reporting the stolen works, but so far I have not seen ANY of them taken down by either the thieves or dA.

Like what the fuck dA? Aren't you supposed to be on top of this art theft bullshit? Why the hell do you have a report system in place if you don't even bother to look at them? It has been THREE WEEKS since I sent the first report, and it has not been taken down despite multiple reports from myself and others who I asked to help me with the matter. I figured more exposure to the theft = faster response in removal, but I was clearly wrong. I've done the same thing for another art theft just this past week, and oh boy, guess what the result was? NO. RESPONSE. AT ALL. At this point I don't even know why I fucking bother to report shit anymore seeing as dA's system does NOTHING

I can safely say that once my premium membership expires, I WILL NOT be renewing it. I don't support a website that claims that it's the best art community on the internet. Yeah, right. I have better support on fucking Tumblr and pixiv for crying out loud, and those are FAR from being the best communities for art. Tumblr is huge, vast, and can be insanely critical of certain topics, but I've already reached over 500 followers on my art blog despite only having it for 1.5 years so far. I only have 1700 watchers on dA, and that's over the course of 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. Pixiv is in JAPANESE, a language I cannot read for shit, but I still feel more comfortable posting artwork there than here on dA because nobody ever has anything bad to say, only constructive criticism and comments. Yeah, pixiv is mostly for anime art and fandoms and I don't get as much attention there compared to other sites, but it has a rating system that indicates what people think of your artwork. I have had no problems posting my original works there at all, and I have roughly 40-50 following me there without even trying. The only reason why I joined pixiv in the first place was to see all the amazing anime/fandom artwork there since you need an account to view them, but I thought "fuck it" and posted stuff there because why not?

Anyway, back on topic. Seeing as dA hasn't done anything to help out its "lesser" members (yes, I consider myself as a "lesser" member despite having premium, since dA clearly favours those who are popular and are the "face" of dA whom dA would do ANYTHING for) I'm forced to take matters into my own hands. I don't like how this site is run when it comes to art theft, because dA clearly doesn't give a flying fuck about lesser members like me! I'm by no means popular, nor I probably ever will be. I honestly don't care if I'm popular or not because I do art for myself, NOT OTHERS (barring commissions, of course). I draw whatever the fuck I want; I get irritated when people tell me what to draw, which is one of the (petty) reasons why I don't open requests or art trades. I hate the idea of befriending someone just for free art. It's disgusting. You make friends for the sake of having someone your can talk to, someone you can connect with... not some fucking piece of art that you can parade around with and go "LOOK I GOT SOME ART FROM [INSERT ARTIST HERE] I'M SPECIAL YOU'RE NOT"

But yes, regarding taking matters into my own hands! So far, I have not reported the individual thieves for art theft, only the deviations that they stole. In hindsight, I probably should have gone full out and reported everything, but I'm a very busy person and I could honestly give less fucks about the whole thing. My personal life is more important than dealing with some shit stains who have nothing better to do than steal. Art theft is still wrong, I AM concerned about it, and I hate it when people try to profit from my hard work, but I'm not one of those insane crazy people who will hunt you down for days on end just because you stole ONE thing. I'm just going to report it, send the offender a warning, make an announcement, ask people for help in taking it down, and hope that SOMETHING, ANYTHING, will be done about it. I'm more angry at dA for not being responsible on how they run this damn site. Like wow, at least look at the reports people send you and at least take down any questionable works? Holy fuck. How difficult is it to just look at the original source, look at the stolen work (which in most cases STILL have the original watermarks/signatures on them and is even the same fucking art) and take down the fucking stolen work?

I'm done being a nice person. I'm not afraid of calling people out for NOT doing the job that they're supposed to do, like keeping track of all the art theft and other bullshit that goes on around this website that I've seen pop up frequently. Fuck this shit.

I will carefully consider whether or not to leave this site once my premium membership expires at the end of next year. Until then, enjoy my artwork... for now.

If you want to follow me elsewhere, here's where you can find me:

PSA: Posting and sharing my artwork

Wed Jun 11, 2014, 5:55 PM


  • Commissions: Closed
  • Trades: Closed
  • Art Requests: Closed



ok so I've been seeing a lot of people recently reposting other peoples' artwork on other sites without permission or giving credit and I want to reiterate what you can and cannot do with my artwork. Some people have been confused by my disclaimer:

Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

I just want to say that you MAY NOT use my artwork as per the disclaimer, but you are definitely allowed to share my art!

You may share my art as long as you do the following:
  • Like/reblog/fav my work c:
  • Link back to the original post; don't rehost on other imaging sites like imgur, tinypic, etc.
  • If you want to share my art on Tumblr, please REBLOG my artwork from my art blog rather than reposting it! I have a link to my art blog in the artist's comments for each of my deviations.

However, here's what I don't allow:
  • Reposting or rehosting on sites that I personally have not approved (Approved sites: derpibooru, Reddit). The difference between SHARING and REPOSTING/REHOSTING is that SHARING is simply linking back to the original source from where the content originated from, whereas REPOSTING/REHOSTING is taking the content, hosting it on another site, then distributing the content without crediting/sourcing it.
  • Sharing my artwork without properly crediting or sourcing it
  • Reposting my artwork on Tumblr; please REBLOG from my art blog instead!
  • Using my art in your own work, which I consider to be art theft
  • Claiming my artwork as yours, which is also art theft
  • Altering my art in any way, shape or form, which is an infringement on copyright laws
  • Removing my watermark/signature, which is also an infringement on copyright laws

Please respect my wishes regarding the use of my artwork! I think they're pretty fair rules, I hope this clears up any confusion people may have had!


  • Commissions: Closed
  • Trades: Closed
  • Art Requests: Closed



I finally made a tutorial on how to create repeating/tiled patterns because I find a lot of people always ask me how to make them! If you've ever wanted to learn how to make one, or you're just curious as to how they're made, take a look!

Tutorial: Repeating/Tiled Patterns by FallenZephyrArt


  • Commissions: Closed
  • Trades: Closed
  • Art Requests: Closed



ok so I get these kinds of questions a lot and I figured it was time to reiterate my Terms of Use for my free resources and artwork, which can also be found in my FAQ or on my art blog

Am I allowed to trace/reference/copy your artwork?

Nope, sorry. I don’t allow people to trace/reference/copy my work. If you get some inspiration from my art that's perfectly fine and I encourage you to look at lots of other artists' works, but I don't particularly like it when people just copy or trace over my work, or even reference it.

Am I allowed to use any of your art on my blog/website/etc.?

No, I don’t typically allow the use of my art on blogs/websites/etc. unless the image(s) were commissioned by yourself and I have given you permission to use them on your personal blog/website.

I do have some free to use resources listed below that you can use though, provided that appropriate credit is given!

What's these "free resources" you keep mentioning?

Occasionally, I will post some free things that people are allowed to use. Please note there are some restrictions on usage of my resources, so please read my Terms of Use closely! Here's some links to the resources I currently have:

Am I allowed to use your patterns/wallpapers on my blog/website? How do I credit you?

Yes, you’re allowed to use any of my patterns and wallpapers on your blog/website provided that you give me credit for using them!

If you would like to use my patterns and wallpapers, please note:
  • You must :+fav: my patterns or wallpapers if you intend to use them!
  • Appropriate credit must also be given by providing a link back to the original post!

How come you don’t have your patterns up on Spoonflower/Redbubble/Society6 etc.? You should sell them as fabrics!

I actually considered having putting up my patterns to sell as fabrics but here’s the thing: I don’t make much money from using 3rd party sites and from what I’ve heard from other artists, you have to be insanely dedicated to selling designs as fabrics to break even or profit. I’m simply too busy with school and work… and besides, I make patterns for fun because I enjoy it, not for profit!

Also, most of my patterns are fanart of copyrighted characters, which means that it’s illegal for me to sell the designs using a 3rd party site (and in their Terms and Conditions they do explicitly state that no copyrighted work may be used as designs).

I would also like to request that you please do not post or submit my patterns and designs to sites like Spoonflower and Redbubble; by doing this you’re actually hurting the artist who drew them (which would be me!) because I don’t get credit or earnings; only the site you submitted them to does.


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I've been seeing this making its rounds on Tumblr and I thought it would be a good thing to share, especially here on deviantART! PLEASE give this a read and try and understand why artists tell you the things they do when you interact with them and try and get art from them, whether it be a commission or a request. I get this kind of shit a lot and it's really quite annoying when people do it, so hopefully this opens your eyes if you weren't already aware of how others treat artists.

Text originally from here:…

Don’t ask why a piece of art “costs that much”. A piece of art is not the end product of just the time and materials to create a piece. It is a result and sum total of the artist’s career as an artist as they learn and hone their skills,  as well as the materials and time spent creating that particular piece.

Do ask how much an available piece costs (assuming that the price isn’t already listed. You looked right?)

Don’t ask how much another customer paid for a custom piece of art.  The price charged to the previous customer was the agreed upon price at the time. It is possible, and even likely, that the price will be different. Artists learn something new with almost every piece they do. What took 10 hours the first time may only take 8 hours the next. But an artist’s hourly rate may have gone up. Prices of materials may have changed. The cost to produce a piece varies constantly. Plus, it’s just a little gauche.

Do ask for your own price quote.

Don’t ask for a duplicate of a custom piece done for or sold to someone else. If a person orders or purchases a custom piece, they often do so with the understanding and expectation that they are buying a one-of-a-kind piece special and unique to them. To redo that same piece devalues the original as a unique piece, and possibly as a collectible item. Most artists also just find it incredibly boring to redo pieces. An artist doesn’t want to create or sell a piece that their heart isn’t in. It’s not fair to the artist or any of the customers involved.

Do try to think of a unique piece or take on the subject matter. An artist may not want to redo a specific piece, but may be willing to do another piece based on the same character or setting.

Don’t expect the artist to come up with all the ideas for you. You want a piece of art featuring your favorite character? Great. Have a couple of ideas of settings or poses before you approach the artist.

Do be willing to listen to feedback from the artist. What sometimes works in your imagination or in one medium does not work when fully realized as a finished piece. A good artist will work with you and find the best way to turn your ideas into reality, but sometimes things just need to be changed a bit.

Don’t ask an artist to copy another artist’s piece. While emulating another artist’s style is certainly a good learning exercise, copying another piece to sell is copyright infringement.

Do ask the original artist if prints/casts are available (assuming it wasn’t a custom or one-of-a-kind).

Don’t try to haggle a price down. Artists typically undercharge as it is. Don’t assume that asking for a piece at a smaller size/version will lower the price.

Do have alternate ideas, or be ready to save up for your purchase. Is what you originally wanted too expensive? Maybe you have an idea for a different piece. If you’re really attached to your original idea, be ready and willing to save up the money and purchase/commission it later.

Don’t expect to be the exception to the rules or try to get special terms or allowances for your purchase. Some artists offer payment plans, others do not.

Do read the artists FAQ/Policies/Terms of service if they have them. It should spell out what what is, or isn’t allowed and what payment plans are offered, if any.

Don’t tell artists how to use their tools or materials better. You don’t know what they’ve tried or what they do. They may have tried it and it didn’t work. Lots of ideas sound good in our heads or on paper, and don’t work out as well in reality.

Do ask artists how they use their tools or materials. Ask if they’ve tried it your way. Offer informed insight. This boils down to attitude and tone. Bad: “Do this instead.” Good: After a conversation leading to it, “have you tried doing this instead?”

Don’t expect free replacements for things you broke or lost. Most artists will work with you as much as they reasonably can if something is damaged or lost in transit, but once it’s in your possession, it’s your responsibility. Broke a zipper on your hoodie? Dropped and shattered a sculpture?  Sorry, that’s on you.

Do take care of your purchases. Love them. Keep them safe. Hug them (if applicable). Put them in places your cat, younger sibling or drunk roommate are less likely to knock it over. Should something break, read the artist’s FAQ/Policies/Terms of Service if they have them. It should go over exactly what is covered, and for how long.

Don’t ask for freebies, or free/spec work. For many artists, art isn’t a hobby - it’s their living. They don’t have time to make you free art. We’re all very sure that your new game/book/comic/restaurant/store really is going to be the next big thing. Part of building a business the right way is properly valuing your talent and assets - that includes the artists you hire - “hire” being the operative word. Exposure is great. Food on the table is even better.

Do contact artists with well thought out opportunities that acknowledge and value their time, skill, and effort. Just understand that they may not be as passionate about your project as you are.

Don’t just contact an artist about a commission simply because you like some of their art. Every artist has their own interests and goals. Many artists just don’t like doing certain subjects or creating art in certain styles/mediums. They also have limited time. While your project may be interesting or fun, it may not benefit the artist in any way particular way other than helping to pay bills. Many artists need to be selective to balance personal growth with financial stability.

Do read the artist’s FAQ/Policies/Terms of Service if they have them. These will often tell you what sort of things that artist does not do, or is interested in doing.  Look through all of the artist’s work that is available to view. You may notice certain strengths, weaknesses, or interests. Choose an artist that has both a strength and interest in what you want. An artist who typically does a bright Disney-esque style is less likely to be interested in doing a bloody war scene.

Don’t be a creeper or be inappropriate. Just because you’ve gotten a response to an email or comment, or because you’ve purchased something from an artist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re BFF’s now. Being friendly is not the same as being friends. Until you’re friends, a general rule would be to not say anything that would be inappropriate to say to any random person on the street.

Do be conscious of boundaries. Be polite, complete your transactions or interactions, and move along.

Don’t come across like a five year-old (unless you are one). No one is expecting your message to read like a Pulitzer winning story, but thoughts should be mature and cohesive. Proper grammar and punctuation go a long way.

Do proofread your messages before you hit post/send. If you’re dealing with an artist in person, pause for a moment and think about what you’re about to say - and don’t ever be a creeper or inappropriate.

Don’t automatically assume that the artist knows what you’re talking about or loves things as much as you do. Not everyone shares the same interests as you, or is as well versed as you. Many artists who do custom work are only as informed as they need to be to complete a project.

Do clearly explain what it is you’re looking for, providing examples as necessary. Remember to not be inappropriate here.

Don’t forget your manners! Sending your message may have only taken a few moments, but many artists take out a lot of time to respond to emails and interact with people.

Do at least say, “thank you” when you receive a response to your message. This is especially important if you requested a price quote as these take a lot more time than most people ever expect.

Origin of a username

Sun Mar 9, 2014, 9:20 PM


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I was thinking about how I got my username, FallenZephyr, the other day and I think it's time for a story

Do you guys remember that old site where you could sign in with your MSN/hotmail email address and play online browser based games? I believe it was called something like "Messenger Games." Anyway, I used to play on that site when I was still in elementary school and actually had a hotmail address to use to access those games. I remember starting up a new account and the site asked me to create a unique username, so I picked something weird like QuickSilver or Zephyr, but obviously those were already taken! The site generated a few usernames that I could use that weren't already taken, but most of them were variations of my email address plus a bunch of numbers, which was pretty lame... until I scrolled down and saw the last username. Guess which one that was?

I've been using the same username ever since! Funny how something as random as a username generator for a browser-based games site could give me a meaningful name.

Do you guys have any stories about the origin of your usernames?